MMW // Thinking Abstractly (2011)

MMW Exploration1 MMW // Thinking Abstractly (2011)   More & Co.   Creative Studio + Shop   Portland, Maine

While looking back through the “MORE_&_CO.” folder on my computer I relived a lot of the projects that we completed during our first year of working together as a trio. Within each individual project folder were many interesting (and some not so interesting) concepts and directions. I found the above identity exploration for an acupuncture studio particularly enjoyable.

Acupuncture, being a somewhat abstract concept, was a subject ripe for an abstract graphic interpretation. I personally find the visual thinking involved in this type of project to be the most rewarding. It was quite a challenge to create a logo that conveyed the idea of the subject and was visually appealing while resonating with the client as well as with myself and my partners. Happily, we all agreed that the mark shown above, centered in the bottom row, was the clear winner.

I’m looking forward to more of this type of project in the “2012″ folder within my “MORE_&_CO.” folder.


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